1. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  2. M

    Iptv boxing

    Hi guys, I’m a complete newbie to the iptv system going around tbese days. Can anyone please direct me on to what would be the best box to purchase? I’ve heard about mag boxes and firesticks. Just really need it for the boxing ppv like sly bo or itv. No recording or anything like that. Thank...
  3. C


    Hi guys I was wondering if the the youtube ppv boxing this satuarday will be on vm c/s as they have youtube intergrated or will it iptv route ?
  4. W

    Is vm shutting down cardsharing

    Hi all just looking for a bit info on vm card sharing, will it be going the same way as sky and going off? Also heard that from now on all ppv on vm card share will not be shown as the have blocked it is this true? thanks
  5. superdod

    iptv on zgemma H.S2 or on LG iptv app

    Looking to get into the IPTV thing , Had cline running on my zgemma H.2s . Looking for some advice on wether to use my smart Tv's or to run through my zgemma . Also advice on set up M3U etc
  6. W

    Sky box office

    Hi my sky box office never cleared on my virgin tuner on sunday for wrestlemania was wondering if its a one off or have virgin managed to block the box office events ? Would like to know for the boxing end of the month my sub always has the ppv. Ut even he doesnt know what happened
  7. B

    SSBO On Cable Boxes

    Hi all Does anyone know if sky box office is back working yet on cable boxes?. Im looking to get a cable box but heard that box office is down and encryption might have changed? Thanks
  8. thebulls

    Red Button not working

    Hi all the red button section on the open vix latest version isnt working shows the ppv but nothing else all channels are fine on vm and miraclebox twin plus but the box office also isnt working on mag 250 any ideas thanks in advance