1. Armpit1UK

    E2 quad, or triple tuner box wanted

    Good Morning all, I'm looking to replace my ageing Technomate TM2T and would like to upgrade if possible to a triple, or quad tuner. It must have at least 2x sat and 1x cable tuner (pref not USB) and must be capable of running IPTV plugins. Would take with, or without HDD. Ethernet and/or wifi...
  2. Willo3092

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 -Twin sat version is now £109

    Special offer at world of stuff - add 2 extra dvb-c/t tuners to make it quad for less than £150. Amazing price for such a quality receiver :thumbsup: Features genuine dual boot and has a caddy to put a hdd in without opening the receiver.