ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 -Twin sat version is now £109


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Special offer at world of stuff - add 2 extra dvb-c/t tuners to make it quad for less than £150.

Amazing price for such a quality receiver :(y):

Features genuine dual boot and has a caddy to put a hdd in without opening the receiver.


You have been luckier than me.
Mine on way back for repair , as tuner 3 is still dodgy , and the built in screen no longer lights up / displays an image.

Quote: '' could be 4 weeks if we have to send it back to Germany to get fixed ''

Thursday ,19th April 17:54

And as of today it is off to Germany to be fixed.
That cost me £20 insured transport to get it looked at under warranty ..... Would have been cheaper buying via Amazon.

UPDATE: Returned to me on Friday 18th May.
No information about what has or has not been fixed but came back with the following problem.
The built in monitor has its image mirrored , left to right , so all menus etc are unreadable.
This is an allegedly fully tested and fixed machine coming back from the manufacturer in Germany.
Reported to seller , still no response.
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