1. R

    Reprogram Sky Remote to work a GigaBlue?

    Has anyone reprogrammed a SkyHD remote to operate a GigaBlue ? Similar to how it can operate basic functions of TV by typing in a 4 digit code.
  2. Dar1437

    Firestick Remote Batteries

    Why do the batteries run down so quick, even though i hardly use it? I want to know why :) I use my TV and Zgemma remotes every day, and they hardly ever need changing. Someone just informed me that it used Bluetooth instead of IR?
  3. J

    Remote VPN Control Device, Router ?? app enabIed. Is there anything.

    Hi all, was hoping if any of you could help me. My father currently uses IPTV to view his channels, though, being from the UK there is 3 pm isp weekend block on his subscription. Of course, the only way to bypass this is to use a VPN service. though, because my father is not tech savvy and...
  4. FreshMagix

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER ET8500 remote

    anyone know where i can get one of these? tried everywhere i can think of.
  5. celldweller

    MAG 322

    Hi all Is it possible to get a bigger mag remote? Buttons are a little on the small side. I have had the box for a few weeks and sometimes the directional buttons do not respond.
  6. muckievillan

    Windows Remote

    Hi all, I can't use a remote because of MND, i use eyegaze on a Windows 10 tablet Unfortunately the tablet won't download apps and I'm looking for a remote that I can use and download for a Mag 322 Any ideas what I could use? Cheers