1. makido

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Problem with volume

    A friend of mine as an et8500 and as an annoying problem On the remote the volume is always set to 100 and they use the tv remote to increase the volume if needed. I keep getting a call saying they cant hear the tv despite the box remote and the tv remote being set to the max at 100. When it...
  2. celldweller

    IPTV - STB EMU on firestick

    Hi all, Is it possible to get an alternative firetv sick remote app on my phone so I can access the color buttons on the menu?
  3. A

    best device for IPTV

    Ok I hope I have this in the right section, so sorry mods if I don't. After having various devices over the years and been what a little tech savvy I am looking to now get an IPTV sub for an older relative. Its has to be simple to use with a traditional type remote. So with that in mind would a...