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    Best replacement for zgemma h2h

    Hey all. Need some help movin with the times. I have 3 zgemma h2h. I run my satellite saorview and IPTV off it. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement that will run satellite saorview and IPTV. What is new boxes is out there or maybe new version zgemma?? Tha
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    Cable Couple of channels glitching

    There are a couple of channels on my Saorview (Irish Terrestrial) that are very badly glitched on my Zgemma H7. When I remove the tuner cable from the box and insert into TV, the channels are perfect, so it's not a problem with reception I don't think. Is there anything I can do to remedy it...
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    HD51 4K How to stop radio appearing in T2 channel group

    Anyone know how to stop this? Using 6.2 but never appeared in previous builds for me (i think), definitely not on 6.3 anyways as that's what I was using last. Using autobouquetsmaker with saorview Thanks
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    Cable tuner as fta

    i was looking into buying a zgemma with 1 sat tuner and 1 cable tuner.Been told a few times that it possible to use some cable tuners with a fta aerial by changing software settings. I was wondering because i wanted to get irish channels on box that arnt available through sat tuner.My main...
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    Wooshbuild Infinity Satellite and Saorview on Zgemma H7S

    Hi All, I have been searching quite a lot but I can't seem to find a solution. Under the Select how you receive live TV channels section when selecting the "Via standard TV aerial for Soarview & satellite" option when installing Wooshbuild Infinity after selecting the scan it gives the...