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    Hey there everyone! We found the TV show called leverage a little while back and turned out to be a great series for the time it was on the air. It is about a group of theives that are like the modern day Robin Hood really. Take from the rich, give tot he needed. There is only 5 seasons of...
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    morphixtv version 1.11 Version 1.11

    Movies and TV shows in HD quality. All the movies and TV shows can be played in just One click Movies and TV shows and constantly adding new movies in its database tried it on firestick 4k and T95 max box
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    Create a playlist of recordings?

    Is it possible to create a playlist of recordings instead of manually having to pick the next episode. For instance my wife and I have a backlog of eastenders to get through and would just be easier (lazier) if it could auto play the next episode. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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    Skin - record red button problem

    hi, Ruining wooshbuild v6 on h2s. The way I use series link is by pressing the red button and setting a record option manually which searches for programmes in time ranGes, instead of pressing the record button and selecting series link. This works fine on chabbs skyq skin, but the red...