1. Fez1

    Plugins Multiboot FlashOnline Latest Version 3.3

    Multiboot FlashOnline by Madhouse (python2/3) Ftp: /tmp Telnet: opkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiboot-flashonline_2.4_all.ipk
  2. Kuul Media

    New custom build option for Octagon SF8008

    KUUL MEDIA OFFERING CUSTOM BUILD OPTION PLEASE CONTACT US [email protected] Even in today's world, some Television manufacturers offer basic or near boring interface graphics for live content broadcast signals such as Terrestrial, Satellite and/or Cable. Browsing the on screen...
  3. W

    Channel Delay & Picture Judder Octagon SF8008

    Hi, just setup the Octagon SF8008 box (thanks to those that helped). However there is a delay of a few seconds between channel change and when the picture appears it lags/judders for like2/3 seconds and then it's totally fine. Never experienced this with any other E2 boxes and its frustrating...