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    Octagon sf8008 on Open Atv 7.3 will not reboot without turning off and on.

    Brand new SF8008 4k, flashed with latest 7.3 Open Atv...got to the end of the online flash then said rebooting in 3 seconds. It did not... so I had to turn off and on at the power switch. Now when I try to reboot with the remote it does not. I have to turn off at the back power switch. I tried...
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    Octagon SF8008 Tuner Hardware of Software Issue? 100s of Issues

    Apologies for the length of the post but I guess I needed it to explain the issue. I connected Octagon SF8008 with OpenATV 6.4 and Grogbuild to my Sky cable and tried to tune and scan Sky free view channels and it kept on bringing 25 channels back regardless of whatsoever I did to resolve the...
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    epgimport not showing after i install from plugins

    Just got the Octagon SF8008 box, trying to install epgimport from plugins when i do it doesn thsow on the plugins list even after a restart, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also reflashed the image to atv 6.4 and still doing the same does anyone have any ideas would appreciate the help...
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    Channel Delay & Picture Judder Octagon SF8008

    Hi, just setup the Octagon SF8008 box (thanks to those that helped). However there is a delay of a few seconds between channel change and when the picture appears it lags/judders for like2/3 seconds and then it's totally fine. Never experienced this with any other E2 boxes and its frustrating...