skin picon zgemma mod

  1. K

    Please help - Can't remove auto-timers (Slyk Skin)

    Hi All, I have the zgemma H2S with the Slyk skin. This mostly works fine but I have set up a couple of auto-timers that were intended to record a particular series. The problem is that the series has long since finished, but the receiver continues to record whatever is on at that time. I have...
  2. C

    Vu duo 2 or Solo 2 virgin setup

    Hi guys, Im currently running sat turners in my vu boxes but fancy trying out the virgin side of things for the likes of HD etc, whats needed to run this is just a case of new turners, feed and line ? Thanks for any help!!
  3. Andy Mcd

    Slyk1hd 5.212

    Looking for help I use picons that are 400x240 i would like to make them look bigger than what there at in the main epg screen I have included a pic of the screen do you know if its possible to do it and if so what parts of the skin file will need editinging