Slyk1hd 5.212

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Looking for help

I use picons that are 400x240 i would like to make them look bigger than what there at in the main epg screen I have included a pic of the screen do you know if its possible to do it and if so what parts of the skin file will need editinging

Sky screen 1.jpg


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Had a wee look through channelselection.xml and I found this wee bit

    <!-- picon -->
        <ePixmap pixmap="mybackgrounds/tv-picon-bg-25.png" position="1018,197" size="100,60" alphatest="blend" transparent="1" zPosition="1" />
        <widget source="Service" render="Picon" position="1018,197" size="100,60" alphatest="blend" transparent="1" zPosition="2">
            <convert type="ServiceName">Reference</convert>

The first bit is the background and the second is the picon itself
If you make it bigger you will need to move it about a bit

So the 1018 is the amount of pixels from left to right
The 197 is the distance top to bottom in pixels

Backup first and have a play around


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are you sure it isnt this line?
MultiContentEntryPixmapAlphaBlend(pos=(310, 5), size=(100, 60), png=6, flags = BT_SCALE) # picon

probably both will need editing

Andy Mcd

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had a flaff with this last night changed both parts in the channel xml file still no change so think there must be another part that needs edited as well

Any ideas what else needs amended
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