sky sports

  1. TheSource

    Now TV Sky Sports Pass Mobile 8 Month Membership £9.98

    Hey guys, I know this isn’t for everyone as we all have our own devious ways of watching our Sport lol. But for a little over a quid a Month and will take you to the end of the season I thought this was a good deal! Only Mobile but might be ideal for some people 👍👍👍 Watch Sky Sports Live...
  2. S

    ZGemma sports not working

    Hi, my first post so please go easy. I have a zgemma box in the UK, only basic channels currently working so no sky sports or BT sports, I tried to get a trial sorted for IPTV, the guy via remote attempted to do this via putty. However he said on the root my box has a password which I need to...
  3. P

    Zgemma sky tv channels

    Hi I just recently bought a box there zgemma h2s and i was wondering how to go about unscrambling the channels like sky and sky sports?
  4. Halopenos


    In ROI, should I be able to get HD channel versions of the Sky Sports / Movies selection etc. as i'm only getting the SD ones. "Swap channels" in ABM is set to yes and i've rescanned but still only showing SD versions still? Can anyone help me with this as I am meant to receive the HD Sky...