1. B

    Skybox F5 Ethernet (Scrambled) issue

    Hello guys. I just got an old Skybox F5 and i think there's an ethernet problem with it. I connected the ethernet cable (that is working on other device), then i select DHCP on, activate ethernet, then restart it. When i restart it and try to open a channel it says 'Scrambled'. If i try to open...
  2. T

    SKYBOX - CCcam going forward or Alternative

    Hi All, Was wondering if I could ask some guidance from the good people on here about what is possible going forward. I 'use' to have a CCcam line that worked on a skybox but is pretty much redundant now. Whats the alternative now? I've read about IPTV, cable boxes to use with V**gin, VPN on...
  3. I

    Time to move on to IPTV

    Hi All At the moment i have a zgemma 2s box. Reading on here look as thou all the skys channels are going. I don't watch much sky, just the football and sometimes other channels so ain't that bothered. No cable in village and have BT Broadband 56MB download speed unlimited So how do i go about...
  4. A

    Skybox F5 - Switched on - Only Radio Channels

    Hi I have a skybox and I switched it on today and I only have Radio Channels .. Can anybody explain what has happened ?
  5. minnowman

    Brand New Openbox/Skybox Picons (Channel Logos)

    9th April 2017 Openbox/Skybox Picons Brand New Picons (Channel Logo's) *Updated Picons 09.04.17* Link is below YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP JUST CLICK ON DOWNLOAD See Tv Picon added New Vision Tv Picon added Bon Picon added dbn updated Picon added Front Runner updated Picon added Quest Red...
  6. L

    Skybox F5 "Set stb memory error" when flashing firmware RS-232

    Hi, I've been trying to flash the firmware on 2 F5 boxes for the last week in order to unbrick them. I have been using a RS-232 to USB adapter, which I know works because I flashed a F3 with it so that isn't the problem. Whenever I use the STB EROM Upgrade it gives me a "Set stb memory error"...