1. P

    Epg tabs not working on Chabs skyNEW skin after using correct file

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had success with the EPG selection on Chabs' skyNEWHD skin? I have ftp to usr/lib/enigma2/python/screens renamed the Epgselection.pyo to "Epgselection-new.pyo" and then placed the file from Chabs' thread in the same location. Restarted my box...
  2. Chabs

    skyNEW DreamPlex Skin Pack

    skyNEW DreamPlex Skin Pack Version 1.000 You must have skyNEW Skin (Version 2.003 and above) & DreamPlex Plugin installed to use the skin pack. To install DreamPlex: 1. Go to Menu - Plugins - Press Green to Download Plugins - Install DreamPlex in Extensions. 2. Extract the folder named...
  3. wooshman

    Sky NEW skin by Chabs 2017-03-05

    SkyNew - by Chabs Working EPG tabs Simple layout change plugin Toppicks files included - need cron timers setting up This IPK will install SkyNEW with the Sky default layout. If you wish to try or change to the Alternate layout open plugins and go into the Chabs plugin and select from...