1. bigwayne1976

    sky broadband

    hi all,ive got a bskyb router sr102 the black hub one,ive always had shit speeds cuz im in a rural area cant get virgin media where i am.anyway sky told me im getting 4 mbs now ive done speed checks and they say im hitting 2 and half there anyway i can speed up my router?re-flash?anything?
  2. grog68

    Lack of internet speed on box

    A friend of mine mentioned when he uses IPTV (various sources) on his zgemma h2s it keeps freezing etc. I suggested he ran a speed test which he did on his computer and got 38mbits download. After rebooting box, router and whatever else I could think of I suggested he install the E2speedtest...
  3. londonfox

    Site running slow

    Anyone else feel the site is running very solw when tying to post or send a message ?