sky broadband


hi all,ive got a bskyb router sr102 the black hub one,ive always had shit speeds cuz im in a rural area cant get virgin media where i am.anyway sky told me im getting 4 mbs now ive done speed checks and they say im hitting 2 and half there anyway i can speed up my router?re-flash?anything?


First you need to see what speeds you are getting at the router, as this is the speed sky see. Speed test shows the speed at the PC, which can be less than the router speed. Log in to the router by typing in the browser address bar and hit enter. That page will show your actual speed.


These routers are shite and you can lose loads over the wifi as the power supply is not shielded. Try and connect a laptop directly into the ethernet ports on the back and see if you get better speeds. I know from experience that I had fibre and got 40mb out the ethernet ports but over wifi i would usually only get 26mb. Now got the new skyq router and getting around 36mb over wifi.