sly skin

  1. D

    zgemma i55 plus - Any Reviews?

    Hi looking to buy a zgemma i55 plus because i like the sly skins had zgemma h.2s before. just wondering are they worth buying, running mag 256 at moment. thanks
  2. carbo

    New member - needs some constructive advice on which Box?

    HI hope you can help as i have just joined and spent a lot of time seqrching threads tryong to decipher the terminiology and advice that is shared here. Ideally I would value anyone who has experience of both the mag box and the Zgemma box themselves to get an unbiased opinion. I know some...
  3. 20181208_160615


  4. N

    New member waiting for Santa to deliver his Zgemma i55

    Hi all Hope I've come to the right place as I migrate away from my now defunct Openbox V8s and await the arrival of a shiny new Zgemma i55. Seems like I need to do a few things and a lot of research before I will be able to watch it so may be asking for help and guidance in the appropriate...
  5. londonfox

    Gigablue UHD Quad 4K Build

    Anyone know of a good build on here with sly skin for a Gigablue UHD Quad 4K ?