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smart iptv

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    EPG not coming in my smart IPTV app in Samsung smart tv

    Hello my friend, EPG is not coming in my smart IPTV app in Samsung smart tv. I have followed all steps mentioned in smart IP tv website: converting m3u file to text file, adding exactly same code/name in the converted file and uploading back in IPTV site. Still this not working. I am interested...
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    SmartIPTV and VPN Router issue

    Hi Guys, I have recently setup a Linksys 3200 with NordVPN and its almost perfect. All the laptop/ mobile wireless connections work perfectly and have no issues, however... When the LG TV (webOS) is connected to the Linksys VPN Router, I struggle to open up any apps and SmartIPTV. When...
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    Advice needed! MagBox vs Zgemma & general questions!

    hi all Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - covering a couple of subjects so thought it was best in general chat! Im currently using the SmartIPTV app on my LG TV (model: 65SJ810V). App runs perfect but has no EPG (tv guide) and can’t record through it so have decided to...
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    Samsung Smart Tv “Connect Failed”

    Hi, I’m going to try to be more clear possible because I have this problem from awhile and I’ve looked all over the internet for a solution but I cannot find it. Samsung MU8500 one of the latest model, connected to the internet throw wifi w 300mbi download (netflix, youtube work perfect) Iptv...
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    Samsung 6 Series Smart IPTV

    Hi guys, I've read a similar thread to this one but I can't explain why mine isn't working. So I've had my TV for nearly 2 years and have been using the Smart IPTV app since then up until a few days ago where when I try to load a channel up it says connecting and then retrying...1...2....3 then...
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    VOD issue Samsung TV Smart IPTV

    Hi, New here so please be kind.. Smart IPTV has stopped playing VOD on mySamsung TV. The channels all work fine but when I try a VOD I get a connection failed message. All was ok until about 3 days ago. the playlist provider and have confirmed that there have been no changes at there end...