1. L

    Accessing HDD via SAMBA on LG SMART TV

    Hi Guys I have searched the forums, but cant seem to find an answer as to whether you can access recorded content off the HDD on a zgemma h5.2c running wooshbuild 7. I have samba enabled, but when i browse to the DLNA share on the LG tv, no files are showing up. Am i barking up the wrong tree...
  2. N

    Smart tv

    i have one of these 'Smart TV's', I think it is either a Samsung or a Sony. Is there an app which can be downloaded for IPTV?
  3. wheelo

    IPTV Server Request Thread July, August, September 2017

    FOR IPTV ONLY!! Rules for this thread - Check the Rogues gallery thread as well !! Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers. State if you require region specific servers State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android...
  4. ellobee

    VOD issue on Smart IPTV

    Hi, I use smart iptv on my samsung smart tv and I have an issue with vod no playing right, it keeps jumping forward all the time and is unwatchable, live tv is fine and plays very well, I have come acroos this issue on other forums but with no solution and was wondering if anyone on here might...
  5. K

    VPN router help

    I am trying to set up a VPN router to run my Smart TV's through. I am currently on Plusnet Fibre optic and I have bought a TP-Link WR-740N for my VPN. I have run an ethernet from my Openreach modem to my TP through the WAN links. But the new router does not recognise any WAN. Please help out a...
  6. D

    Smart IPTV remote app for FireTV/Kodi box

    Does anyone know of a Smart IPTV remote app that can work with the FireTV? The standard remote and Android remote app both work however they only have limited buttons.
  7. I


    Hi All I plan to jump on the IPTV wagon after the stuff sky doing so one question What box should i get? the question below might help you advise me I need subtitle as im total deaf. Can i put IPTV on these boxes and have Subtitles. I tried the samsung smart TV app and subtitles do no work. Use...
  8. I

    24 hour

    hi anyone know how to get a 24 hour line for IPTV on samsung TV.. Thankls
  9. I


    Can you get Subtitles on this??
  10. A

    IPTV mbox pc smart tv

    Hi Are the iptv subs worth it? Is it better to setup on my miraclebox premium or smart tv? Surely I can set it up on my pc running on windows 10 in my bedroom? Thanks for the help guys
  11. I

    Time to move on to IPTV

    Hi All At the moment i have a zgemma 2s box. Reading on here look as thou all the skys channels are going. I don't watch much sky, just the football and sometimes other channels so ain't that bothered. No cable in village and have BT Broadband 56MB download speed unlimited So how do i go about...
  12. L

    Iptv for my LG tv

    I'm looking for a sub for my LG smart tv would prefer a test line first if possible thanks
  13. KingKernow

    Smart IPTV on android tv

    Hi Don't know if anyone can help, put smart IPTV app on my Phillips android tv but when I go to the online playlist upload and enter the Mac code then the m3u press add link I keep getting a 405 page saying "not allowed" Am I doing something wrong?
  14. dt99

    IPTV App on Smart TV

    Hi, Is there any way to download an IPTV app onto a Panasonic Smart TV? I know it can be done on Samsung/LG, I have looked on the app store on my Panasonic and there is nothing in there.....would ideally like to watch IPTV this way somehow. I have a Zgemma H2s running Wooshbuild, but it's not...
  15. superdod

    iptv on zgemma H.S2 or on LG iptv app

    Looking to get into the IPTV thing , Had cline running on my zgemma H.2s . Looking for some advice on wether to use my smart Tv's or to run through my zgemma . Also advice on set up M3U etc
  16. Buckham_uk

    IPTV for ps4

    Does anyone know of anyone that offers this for the PS4? Or if the PS4 even has the capabilities to run IPTV? I have a smart tv with plex on it if that also helps....? Total noob looking into it with how the current situation looks