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  1. M

    SNR goes to 70%

    Hello, I had a working zgemma H2H, but with a H2S image. I was experiencing freezing channels. Thinkin it could be the wrong image causing it, i have updated to the right image, and Wooshbuild. I have put my line back, I am on Virgin Media therefore cable. My scan channel returns a lot, and the...
  2. T

    VU+ Solo 2, Wooshbuild - No channels

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand VU+ Solo 2. The plan was to use it for free channels/recording. I've hit a blocker and can't work out why its not working. I've plugged sky cables into the vu+ and installed wooshbuild (v7). I get the channels back on the epg, but no picture/sound. It says...
  3. Nigel Fotherby

    Zgemma H5 2s Problems

    Hi I am a new user to the cable side, I had an Openbox V8s with just the none HD channels, but wanted HD so got a twin H2s. I have had the box for 3 months and its been perfect, just starting to get some issues that are really bugging me. I stupidly did a built in update, I got told I should...