VU+ Solo 2, Wooshbuild - No channels


I recently bought a second hand VU+ Solo 2. The plan was to use it for free channels/recording.

I've hit a blocker and can't work out why its not working.

I've plugged sky cables into the vu+ and installed wooshbuild (v7).

I get the channels back on the epg, but no picture/sound. It says the SNR is 0%!

The Tuner config is Simple, Single, 28.2E Astra, No to DiSEqC for both Tuner A & B.

AutoBouquets E2 was used to setup the channels, configured to my local area.

The signal finder SNR is 0.0db for both tuners A & B.

If I change type of scan to predefined transponder and change the transponder I do end up getting a signal. But that doesn't make any difference to the channels.

if I do a manual scan, it picks up channels but none of the free ones (BBC, ITV, etc)

Could the tuners be broken, problem with the cables?

btw - The cables work fine when back in the Sky Q box.

Any ideas. Thanks.

p.s. I tried openvix, blackhole and openvli and all had the same problem.