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softcam plugins

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    Softcam panel won't install

    Hi, i've problems with my softcam panel installation. When i have reflashed my box i try to install softcam with the **_mipsel.ipk and it seems like everything is ok until i go to the 'plugins-green button' and there is NOTHING there! I've tried to install from the USB in the front and from the...
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    Zgemma h5.2TC Softcam issues

    HI guys i am a total newbie on here so please excuse me. I have managed to install whooshbuild on my zgemma and also add my line on FileZilla. I am having issues in finding Softcam/CI when pressing the blue button or via plugins, Softcam/CI doesn't come up all. Please can someone advise on how I...
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    Help with softcam plugins