1. cactikid

    OTHER xtrend 10000 issue

    Having issues on a 5.4.14 openvix image and not sure if might also have a failing hdd. I access recordings from that box on other boxes but notice my control of play is not right as it may stop or when adds come on 3-6-9 does not fast forward but the arrows give me some control. Even access...
  2. W

    Newcamd issue

    hi guys looking for info took a trial for a new backup line. Provider is getting this issue when i am connected on his panel. Newcamd (unknown please report) any ideas whats causing it thanks
  3. A

    OpenATV Softcam Feed 4.5 r0

    This is not a softcam control panel, It just allows you to install softcams from the plugin server. The softcam control methods in OpenATV changed. If you have an image that is older than 03 May 2019, update or flash a newer one first. How to install the secret/softcam feed Option A: (Part...
  4. C

    WooshBuild Dual CAM issue

    Hi I have Wooshbuild running on a VU+ Duo2 with a CWS line for Vermin and a Cline for Sly (basically Racing TV only). I have setup two softcams. Cam 1 = mgcamd 1.38r1 for Vermin on a test line and Cam 2 = CCcam 2.32 for Sly. For some reason there appears to be an issue with both CAMS being...
  5. W

    Softcam Manager

    Hi, just having some trouble with setting up an Octagon SF8008. Everything has flashed fine but i cannot access or see softcam manager to activate/enable the line. I have tried to install the softcam feed file from Wilo'sdownload but nothing still shows up and when installing says done-installed...
  6. M

    SNR goes to 70%

    Hello, I had a working zgemma H2H, but with a H2S image. I was experiencing freezing channels. Thinkin it could be the wrong image causing it, i have updated to the right image, and Wooshbuild. I have put my line back, I am on Virgin Media therefore cable. My scan channel returns a lot, and the...
  7. O


    Hello, OpenATV 6.2 Latest Version comes with Softcam Panel built-in or I need to install it manual from plugins menu ? If there is any better alternative way please tell ! Thanks,
  8. D

    zgemma H3.2TC grogbuild - unable to activate cam

    Hi Guys. I have a zgemma h3.2TC which was previously running ipabtv but just updated to the latest Grogbuild via Openwebif terminal after problems with ABM not updating channels correctly. Everything is set up, (tuners, net ID, bouquets,skin) etc and I am able to receive FTA (for what is...
  9. S

    Zgemma h5.2TC Softcam issues

    HI guys i am a total newbie on here so please excuse me. I have managed to install whooshbuild on my zgemma and also add my line on FileZilla. I am having issues in finding Softcam/CI when pressing the blue button or via plugins, Softcam/CI doesn't come up all. Please can someone advise on how I...
  10. J

    Help with Zgemma 2s CLine

    Have installed cam 2.30 on a zgemma 2s box with the Wooshbuild v5. Can see that the cam is active but it has the red circle by it and the cline does not work only see FTA channels Think that it is a problem with the box,have tried Sucmnsee build , prior to Woosh build with same problem. Provider...