1. voyto

    Tool to Combine PDF files

    Does anyone know of a nice, lightweight tool to combine PDF files? Have previously been using combinepdf.com but for work, I don't think it meets GDPR regulations... So looking for a tool to combine locally. Thanks in advance 😊
  2. bonus2010

    Honeyview Free Image Viewer

    Honeyview Free Image Viewer There's tons of image viewers about, but this is my favourite, because if you're just wanting to view an image quickly, the software launches quick and fast. The extra feature I like, is that it can be configured to move the file you're looking at to some...
  3. N

    Mag-250 MAG / Aura HD custom image

    Hi everyone, I'm making custom image for MAG 250. Today I start beta channel, I'll publish new images here. Unfortunately I'm not able to configure autoupdate module at this moment because of technical reasons, this function will be done in later images. I'm going to publish first image 2.18.23...