Mag-250 MAG / Aura HD custom image


Hi everyone,
I'm making custom image for MAG 250. Today I start beta channel, I'll publish new images here. Unfortunately I'm not able to configure autoupdate module at this moment because of technical reasons, this function will be done in later images.

I'm going to publish first image 2.18.23 (in old Infomir numberation 0.2.18-r23) in a few hours. Customizations are planned mostly in embedded portal so it shouldn't block any Ministra / Stalker / etc. services and external portals.

Please help my idea, MAG 250 is a great box and key model of Infomir line. Don't let forget about it and join in my enhanced support channel :) It will be also nice meeting with web languages that I don't know very well ;)
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What's your image going to look like ?
I'm going to put some new functions to embedded portal and rootfs:
  • Unlocking possibilities restricted by Infomir:
    • Apps Catalogue, Playkey, Lines/Sudoku/Memory
    • Enhanced speed test (tested, working in 2.18.23)
    • Short setup wizard
  • New applications in embedded portal:
    • Radio - separately from IPTV channels, maybe with possibility to listen in other windows if possible.
    • Internet portals - links to useful websites, social media and external portals.
    • Favorites - a place to put your favourite channels, links, portals, services, files... Everything you want, you can have in one click!
    • Online media - a free external portal with applications (Megogo, Vimeo etc.) and video content. It may be a trouble because of legal content.
    • Information - a portal with information about update channel, software download etc.
  • Menu customizations:
    • nice logo of MAG 250 in embedded portal menu,
    • better-looking background,
    • etc.
  • Recovery USB. A pendrive with script to recovery files. When starting script by SSH, it connects to user file system at STB, where would be put code to perform actions. Recovery menu will be controled at computer with SSH supportt
    • import, export and delete user data (iptv channels list, radio, settings variables etc.)
    • reset to default Infomir software,
    • do upgrade,
    • remotely control STB,
    • etc.
Everything depends on my knowledge and free time ;) There were some problems so had to start beta channel. Today can announce start of channel and publish with you first release: 2.18.23 (in old numberation 0.2.18-r23).
  • Added shortcuts: Internet Bookmarks, Playkey, Apps.
  • Added enhanced speed test.
Attention! Please read these guide!
  • There may be problems with new services and System Settings. I've contacted with Infomir support to fix it. If you have problems, please write a post. I'll fix them at next update (probably 2.18.24).
  • Please remember that it is a beta version, I can't guarantee working of new services. They are provided by Infomir. I'll have a respond from their support tomorrow (they don't work at weekends).
  • Of course you do everything in your own responsibility ;) But it shouldn't break your MAG, I've tested on my own and it didn't break my 250 ;)
  • This imageupdate works only on MAG 250.
  • Please do flash by bootloader (USB & Bootstrap or Multicast update).
  • If you flash it, please don't use Software update from embedded and/or external portal settings. It'll flash official Infomir software. I'm going to implement update channel function in next releases.
  • If you have read it, you have big patience :)
Download image update
2.18.23-beta-250 9 September 2018:


Sounds good mate, a few questions.

1. Any screenshots?
2. Will this invalidate warranty if unable to roll back software?
3. Will I be able to embed any DNS myself?


1. Unfortunately can't do now because fbdump from Infomir resources is badly done nor can't compile new fbdump from source code, shows STB as unknown Linux. I'll edit this post and put screenshots when being able to.
2. Honestly I'm not sure. It depends on you have STB from operator or from shop / manufacturer. I sign image with standard key which shouldn't block rolling back to images signed by public, factory or custom key.
3. Yes, I haven't deleted this function. Also tested to make sure, working. :)

And a nice message.
New beta update 2.18.24:
  • Fix problem with no possibility to go to System Settings menu.
  • One nice add-on, guess what! There should be two add-ons, but I've forgotten about one line of source code. Really ;) This second one will be in next release.
Download link:

I have started a website of my custom image: MAG Software Portal is a name of project.

I'm also going to implement secure software update channel in next release. There may be also a chance to collaboration with other developers of existing custom softwares :)
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Good work mate, I was trying this myself lately with another app but failed.

Ill have a go next time I get a MAG.


Thank you buddy :)

Maybe today will be 2.18.25 with possibility to update from STB. Unfortunately have to remove Playkey because there's an issue on their side (Infomir isn't responsible for it). More screenshots will be @ (not to spam here :) )


Releasing firmware update 2.18.25 15 Sep 2018
Today (15 September 2018) I've published update 2.18.25 with fixing Master Settings bug. You can do quick setup on your STB from embedded portal settings -> Setup Wizard.
Other changelog for 2.18.25:

  • Remove Playkey from menu (no support from staff side).
  • Temporarily remove Internet Bookmarks shortcut, going to restore it in next release.
  • Fixed Lines, Sudoku, Memory bad titles bug.
Still have to work with fixing Apps bug, Infomir support is not willing to help because in their opinion it should be available only for Aura HD series.
I'm waiting with implementing secure software update channel because of one reason which I can't tell you now... maybe I will be able to make a good surprise for you ;)

You can download image from

  • There may be a problem with weather forecast settings. If it happens, just skip this step by F4 button.
  • This update must be installed by USB & Bootstrap or Multicast (from bootloader).
I've also created a poll, needed to know your needs :) Please follow my website for more information.


Okay :) Infomir has made us a surprise and published update 23 for MAG 250. So decided to base my new update 2.18.26 on new firmware. Today sharing :)

It comes with changes done both by me and by Infomir. Both ones you can find at downloads.


There's a small treat! :)

And one change. Users of MAG 245 also can install this image. :)
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BUMP with two news:

1. There is an issue at Setup Wizard, Step 3 that you can't select a city. This problem is at side of Infomir servers, they are working to fix it.
2. Have got a confirmation that MAG Software Portal can also be installed at these STBs:
  • Aura HD,
  • Aura HD International,
  • Rostelecom IP_STB_HD.
So if you use someone from these boxes, feel free to install firmware :) There may not be logos of Auras in embedded portal, I'll fix it in next release.


Moving to GitHub! :)
Yeah, I know that GitHub and Microsoft... ;) But here it's able to direct download files, not like SourceForge. And need a free hosting of project files and started my own repository:
Project website doesn't change. I upload imageupdate files only once because signing for MAG 250 is also suitable for MAG 245, Aura HD, etc. :)

And soon there will be update 2.18.27 (or 2.19, thinking whether should I start release channel now). Feel free to use repo :)

It's in making and moving all files so there may be issues. Don't worry :) Repo should be fully available about 9-10 pm or tomorrow. For all time the "old" Google Drive is still available at

Maybe there will be also a new hosting of website of project, going to host misc stuff at soft subdomain too :)

Edit: It's OK, GitHub runs on its full, only people is needed ;) Google Drive repo is turned off, older images will be finally moved to new repo. Of course new info will be posted at GitHub and wiki of project (coming soon).
Also coming new update with ending customization and fixing no logos of Auras.
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Hi mates :) Going to announce some great news. The first one is...
dam dam dam daradam daradaaaam...
Release channel starts now ! ! !
So next update will be 2.19 and I will try to make images more stable ;) And the second one is that i'm going to port MAG Software Portal to new STBs.

And here is main problem. Which STBs do you have? I'm thinking about MAG 200 and 254 but not sure what should I do. Could you say me what STBs would you like do use with MAG Software Portal? Your opinion is really valuable for me :) Help me decide please.


i was searching for some software improvement on the mag line and i find difficult to chose beetween an old but proven line and the new ones..
i think that some people look to a just powerfull iptv stb with hevc265 with goog recording and playing features but also tools for uploading and downloading m3u files from their PC to the stb with a good editor in order to organize as they like the lists and favori...
some other will on othe hand appreciate loading lots of prog for playing or divertisment..
sorry for my bad english..
i have been using with pleasure the hitechbox series HB9000/9900 with a usefull pc-editor and i am looking for i some friends beetween mag 256 or 322 and i wonder if your efforts for developing software are or not limited to some stb due to infomir rights or contracts..
best regards


can I install this on my current MAGBOX and still use my current IPTV sub ? does your firmware improve the performance of the box ?


Hello buddies :)
but also tools for uploading and downloading m3u files from their PC to the stb with a good editor in order to organize as they like the lists and favori...
some other will on othe hand appreciate loading lots of prog for playing or divertisment..
It's a great idea of new function to MAG Software Portal :grin: I'll embed it in someone of next releases.

i am looking for i some friends beetween mag 256 or 322 and i wonder if your efforts for developing software are or not limited to some stb due to infomir rights or contracts.. best regards
Infomir doesn't make any limits of making custom firmware. The only one trouble is apps catalogue, they restrict it to Aura HD series, but i'm going to ask about porting this function to MAG Software Portal. I don't have also any contract with them ;) i am just doing it as hobby project. Would you rather use MAG 256 or 322? :)

can I install this on my current MAGBOX and still use my current IPTV sub ? does your firmware improve the performance of the box ?
Yes, you should be able to use any IPTV sub if your provider doesn't use their custom firmware :) And about performance, IMHO yes ;) at latest image there are some parts of embedded portal with new interface, going to end it in next version 2.19. Of course making it simpler and new possibilities are also planned, i don't want to leave it :)


Thanks Nepose for your quick answer - sure that working with a good editor for manipulating channels uploading downloding from to/ Pc and demo /is of great value for all maintenace and ease of use - i change from hitechbox and will regret this fonction ( perhaps you can use the structure of pc_editor 1.9.9 to adapt it? -i can send it to you )
i ordered in france 3 x mag 322 because of the new chipset and hevc 265 compatibility...and linux 3.3
so i will be very interessed in your future projects if they could concern also thoses box
best regards to all m8 fellows


Saying honestly, i'm hearing about pc_editor for first time :) could you send it? i'm curious what it is ;)
when making next image i'll also do for your one :)


Release channel Firmware Update 2.19.00
Hello buddies :)
Today I'm sharing with you next update. It becomes a release channel so i'm going to make images more stable. There may be less new functionality in some images, but instead it better performance goes.

Release channel Firmware Update 2.19 comes to you with these changes:
  • New bootloader splash screen with logo of STB and Infomir.
  • Support for new STBs: MAG 254 and MAG 322 / 324.
  • Remove Apps Catalogue shortcut from MAGs (leaving it only in Auras because it will work only there).
  • Add logo of MAG 254 to embedded portal and fix bug with no logos of Aura HD / Aura HD International.
In next releases i'll also start embedding recovery file system. I'll be also starting supporting next boxes, first planned are MAGs 349 / 351. Later maybe also other ones.

You can download from GitHub: :) I'll push new files and documentation soon. Recommended update method is USB & Bootstrap or Multicast. I'm also preparing ready-made solution to use TFTP local server.

I'm also sharing with you plans for next updates in release channel:
  • Favorites shortcut. Now this app is available by File Explorer (in older vers Home Media) -> Favorites.
  • External portals shortcut. Just choose external portal from list.
  • Radio application, as you can find in some posts upper it.
  • YouTube shortcut from embedded portal.
  • More logical settings: When you enter Settings menu in embedded portal, you will enter System Settings menu, not primary Settings. In System Settings there will be a new menu, Embedded portal, with options from earlier Settings menu. You will get the same when pushing SET menu so it will have more sense than now.
I'm also starting test of new updating mechanism. If you could, please check whether it works from Settings -> Software autoupdate and Update manually. If it works, you should get update with description 0.2.18-factory-r23 (in 322/324 2.20.07-factory-r2) :)

Edit 30.09 00:06 - New releases will be published in Release card in main menu.
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