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sound issue

  1. channelking

    Sony wh-1000xm3 Headphones

    Hi guys Earlier today my brother gave me these headphones as he bought some top quality ear buds not sure of the brand. Been having a mess around but have issue. Sound comes through headphones but it still comes through T.V. as well. Why is this happening and any way to just have sound...
  2. N

    Sound Issue on VU+ Solo2 - Wooshbuild V7

    I have just flashed my Vu+ Solo2 with Wooshbuild v7 and something has gone wrong with the sound. I use the solo through a Onkyo Amp TR-NX414 via HDMI, before I flashed the solo I had OpenVix the normal sound volume required on the amp would be around 30. Other equiptment plugged into the Onkyo...