1. Prim@l

    Premier League Fixtures 2022 - Amazon Prime

    Stumbled across this and may be of use to those who have Prime. Otherwise the usual listings @Joe516 posts would be the go to :) 1) Do I have to pay extra to watch Premier League on Prime Video? Prime members in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and the...
  2. HiTecK

    Fury Vs Whyte IPTV streaming online FREE

    Who you got for tonight's fight? I'm predicting Tyson to knock Whyte out in the 8th round.
  3. S

    ZGemma sports not working

    Hi, my first post so please go easy. I have a zgemma box in the UK, only basic channels currently working so no sky sports or BT sports, I tried to get a trial sorted for IPTV, the guy via remote attempted to do this via putty. However he said on the root my box has a password which I need to...
  4. W

    Some channels off

    hi noticed my boxnation and premier sports are just black screen have done a re scan and the same. Probider has said his is the same possible transponder issue is anyone having these issues? Im in glasgow area
  5. F

    Iptv france m3u playlist + sports + turkish + german 17-03-2018

    Hi again, Kings of iptv are back with a playlist that contains all bouquets ; Documentary, cinema, sports and carton for your children. get it IPTV France m3u here : Get Sports iptv from here...
  6. grog68

    Two boxes, same line, one gets all sports sd other doesn't

    HI I've got an interesting situation, I have a VU+ Uno4k and a H2H connected at the moment. Both using line from same server. On the VU all SS SD channels work fine On the H2H there are about 3 that do not work, ie SS F1 SD is black I have taken the line from the VU and put it on the H2H and...
  7. thebulls

    missing sports channels after reflashing zgemma h2h

    Hi I have had to reflash my zgemma h2h and have lost all of sly sports channels any help would be great running the latest open vix
  8. E

    Issues with sports channels on openbox v8s

    Currently using a v8s openbox and use it mainly for sports (particularly bt). However, I'm having problems even getting the channels on and when they do come on they buffer and freeze - any suggestions?
  9. F

    IPTV beINSport M3u list AND ALL SPORTS Channels 23/07/2017

    Download it from here: Get in the website, Click on download and enjoy watching Sport channels
  10. dillon07

    IPTV LFCTV Dark????

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has lost any IPTV channel streams? All other sports/club channels are fine (as was this last night) :(