1. cactikid

    Is copying contents from hdd to ssd easy.

    Laptop has gone slow and wonder if my hdd is going down as very slow. I do have have an ssd i could fit but never transferred the whole contents and how to Cheers
  2. C

    Help to reteive data from failed SSD drive

    Hi Can someone help/advice me how to retrieve data for a failed SSD drive please? I was organizing my home photos on an external SSD but accidentally knocked the USB cable when i reached for a pencil. My SSD now no longer shows up on my file explorer/my computer; the laptop detected the usb...
  3. kev_cfc_1888

    SSD query

    Just wondering if anyone knows if a new SSD would work in an older laptop? The laptop in question was originally a windows 7 i7 Asus laptop. I would be putting windows 10 onto the SSD as I have a genuine copy already.
  4. P

    Windows 10 Cloning Windows Hard Drive using a Mac

    Guys, wasn't sure where to post this. I'm looking to clone a windows hard drive to a fresh hard drive using my Mac It's just I don't have a clean copy of windows to install onto the fresh hard drive it's for my old windows laptop that I would like to use again. Thanks PB