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    Stb emulator pro

    Hello people I’m using the stb emulator pro on nvidia shield I’ve noticed recent when I try to add a favourite it disappears it gets marked but when I go the other page and return the yellow star is gone some if you try twice it will stay, is anyone else having this issue or is just me and if...
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    Stbemu firestick

    Can’t get my stbemu to load up tried on three different sticks all just black screens . I’ve force stopped it , cleared cache and it just says loading portal and then goes black and stays black , any ideas , I fear amazon have blocked the app !
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    Netgem N8500-500

    Hi All I have a netgem n8500-500 that I got from a TV provider, I no longer am with them so I wonder can I reflash it to use as an IPTV box, had a Google but found very little anyone know anything about doing this, Thanks
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    MAG 322 vs 324?

    hi looking for advice on the MAG 322 vs 324's? from the infomir website the only visible difference is that the 324 has 1gb of RAM wereas the 323 has 512mb. has anyone used both boxes? and if you have what is your opinion on them? thanks
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    Advice needed! MagBox vs Zgemma & general questions!

    hi all Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - covering a couple of subjects so thought it was best in general chat! Im currently using the SmartIPTV app on my LG TV (model: 65SJ810V). App runs perfect but has no EPG (tv guide) and can’t record through it so have decided to...
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    Android box with stb/perfect player or MAG BOX 254 for IPTV.

    Which is better an android box with stm emu or perfect player or a mag box 254 for iptv. Mag boxes are made for iptv but android box has more features. Which would you recommend.