1. J

    4K Stalker App?

    Is there an android 4K stalker app?
  2. B

    Stbemu buffer issues

    Hi all first post and hoping someone can come to my rescue. Im running stbemu pro (2.0.4) on a firestick lite (Ethernet) and some of my channels seem to drop/buffer every 1-2 minutes. It’s not every channel but it can get frustrating. I’m using ijk media player as this seems to be the best and...
  3. N

    STBemu issue when switching channels. Any fix?

    Hi. When I switch channels, some of them don't switch the picture (shows previous channel), then if I wait a bit longer it switches the picture and starts glitching - goes from one channel to another in like 10sec. periods. If I switch channels slowly from one to another - specific channels...
  4. I

    Subscription to STB EMU PRO?

    Hi i cant find the person i got my iptv from so ive attached pics hoping someone on here will know of anyone selling this subscription for firestick thanks
  5. V

    Stbemu firestick

    Can’t get my stbemu to load up tried on three different sticks all just black screens . I’ve force stopped it , cleared cache and it just says loading portal and then goes black and stays black , any ideas , I fear amazon have blocked the app !
  6. penty2008

    best android device?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good hardwired android box? I’m using stbemu, plex and titanium tv Internet speeds are shocking over vpn with my current firestick with it being wireless, plus it’s struggling to process the demands. I’ve been looking at the formuler and Nvidia shields, any...
  7. Screenshot 2018-11-19 18.54.26

    Screenshot 2018-11-19 18.54.26

  8. B

    IPTV Interest....

    Hope everyone is good. I've had 6 months sub to an IPTV via IPTV Smarters. However I do like the stbEmu interface and do prefer this sort of style through channels. I have a couple of friends who are also seeking a reliable supplier. Can anyone help me out with a provider and oh cost effective...
  9. F

    Stbemu - STB blocked help

    Hi, I'm using stbemu Pro but it's showing "Your STB is blocked call the provider". My portal is XXX.XXX.XXX but I can't contact my provider (seem to be ignoring me). I tried a new provider but they said my MAC was already in use by another device. Any ideas on what I can do?