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stuck on boot

  1. K

    MAG256 stuck on infomir page

    Hi guys, new to this but desperate to get my Mag256 working again. I was first having page loading error and couldnt get past it, so I reed somewhere to go to Boot mode and chance NAND to NAND2 so I did but that didnt help, for a reason I cant explain I changed it to DHCP and since then I dont...
  2. D

    Where can I JTAG my Zgemma h2s?

    Mods please delete if not allowed... After exstensive diagnosis and attempted fixes I have come to the conclusion that my zgemma box needs JTAGing. So does anyone recommend a place? Happy to accept a PM. I have tried numerous flash pens that I know work but can I get this box to boot up...
  3. C

    IPAB getting stuck on Boot Everytime After Upgrading

    Guys I just flashed my Zgemma H5-2TC with IPAB after Wooshbuild wasnt recognising my Seagate HDD. With IPAB all issues were gone and HDD was working like a charm on IPAB. As you guys must be aware that There's an option to upgrade system software on IPAB Just like there's an option to upgrade...