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  1. Zgemma loop.

    Zgemma loop.

    Stuck on this boot. no idea how to get out anf box wont boot to USB for flash.
  2. retromobiles

    OTHER revez software

    I was wondering would anyone know how to get the revez Q9/10/11/12 range of boxes back to being able to add an IPTV service again? In the past the revez range had an Iptv service working on the boxes and there is still an option to an m3u file in settings... ive tried to add t it but no joy...
  3. Y

    tuner failed. please help badly stuck zgemma sky and vm setup

    Hello all, new to the forum. So I have a zgemma star H1, capable of sky and vm I believe? So have been given a 'gift' which supports sky and virgin media. Firstly I couldn't scan for sky channels at my house so I took the box to my brothers. Found 587 in to autobouqets maker. Couldn't test the...