1. E

    Thinking of dropping my landline with Sky

    I currently have my TV channels, Landline (for calls) and broadband with Sky. I'm thinking of getting rid of my landline as I hardly use it anymore and it's all mobile phones now anyway. I remember my sister talking to a Sky Engineer who had called to her house to fix a problem last year. She...
  2. S

    Firestick sub no longer working?

    I need to sort my Tv channels out as the fire stick is finished. I dont know what to do now so looking for some advice, or posting to correct posts that could point me in the right direction? I did put a post up but looks like it was deleted???? Thanks
  3. Ferret.

    Plugins Revcam E2 Plugin Latest

    Revcam_1.1_all Plugin is used to activate a Revcam subscription. This download will be updated as and when available.
  4. D

    Zgemma 155 Plus - wooshbuild Infinity - best IPTV sub?

    Hi guys, I'm a complete noob at this, please let me know if this Is posted in the wrong forum. I have had a 3 yh sub on my smart TV using SIPTV with no major issues. But he doesn't support zmemma boxes..... I've just bought the 155 plus and flashed wooshbuild 6.2 for the sky q skin. Can...
  5. W

    OB V8S

    Hi All So, I think I am in the right area. I have been reviewing as many threads as I can and hope I am posting in the right area. So I have a new OB V8S box. I am pointing at 19.2E for German channels. I am looking to encrypt the HD channels and get access to all Sky Germany. I understand I...
  6. grantdavey91

    iptv sound

    hi all new to iptv sub but familiar with e2 just using a iptv trial sub, why does iptv not have dolby digital, all hd channels as well as sd only have stereo sound...its 2018!! is there any suppliers that do offer dolby digital sound or if its not a thing yet, is there any way to force e2 to...
  7. Batley boy


    Hi there, can somebody please help me load the subscription link that my provider has e-mailed to me to watch subscribed channels on to my Zgemma box H2H the carrier I am using is Putty?.. I would really appreciate if someone can post some instructions or guide me through it step by step, as I...
  8. Sankman

    IPTV on a PC, Possible?

    Is it possible to use these subscription m3u's on a PC? Like through VLC. I have a V8S box but I don't like the idea of having to go through that huge channel list all the time. I was considering getting a Mag but if I can save money by streaming through the PC I'd rather do that, it's connected...
  9. blainemufc

    Sub or zgemma/firestick

    Want to test iptv on firestick, also iptv on the zgemma is there way round it without having windows pc only have a mac
  10. gary27

    How to sort IPTV and sub

    Hi all I have a venton unibox and as sly channels are going one by one someone told me about IPTV channels. So how do I go about sorting this and whats the cost of sub for this...(I'm looking on rouge gallery) before I would pay for a sub......... Any help would be great cheers all
  11. A

    IPTV mbox pc smart tv

    Hi Are the iptv subs worth it? Is it better to setup on my miraclebox premium or smart tv? Surely I can set it up on my pc running on windows 10 in my bedroom? Thanks for the help guys
  12. meadow24

    No sky atlantic on iptv

    Ive contacted my supplier who has replyed saying nobody can get it on iptv Is this true Ive noticed the streams are from virgin media is this why its not working
  13. H

    IPTV Sub needed

    Hi Can anybody recommend Good and Stable IPTV SUB for full UK Sly. I am using MAG257 box Regards
  14. A

    Looking for stable IPTV

    Hi, I'm looking to get IPTV and just after some recommendations off others on the site! If you can PM me any good recommendations then I would be greatful. Thanks Matt
  15. E

    Iptv Help?

    Hi. Looking for IPTV for Zgemma H2s box All sky uk and Ireland and PPV with 3pm's if that is ok. Please include instructions to install as I am new to this. Test if you can please
  16. Haroon Mustafa

    How many boxes can i have in my house

    Hello, I have a zgemma star h.2s working with sky sd and virgin media channels (hd). I would like to set up another box and subscribe to a line. The other box will be upstairs. I have a few questions regarding this. Will I be able to get FTA channels on the upstairs box? My dish is already...
  17. M

    Nline Gift Recommendations

    Newbie to this but very tech savvy. Just wanting advice or any recommendations for a trusted provider of an Nline gift subscription? I have a Zgemma H2S. Cheers