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hi all

new to iptv sub but familiar with e2

just using a iptv trial sub,

why does iptv not have dolby digital, all hd channels as well as sd only have stereo sound...its 2018!!

is there any suppliers that do offer dolby digital sound or if its not a thing yet, is there any way to force e2 to output in dolby

and with some channels i get no picture but sound and others picture but no sound

any light shed please?



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Without pretending to know a thing about Dolby., I will hazard a guess - it would take up more bandwidth, which would have more chance of being a stuttery service again it was downloaded at STB level. It would probably incur extra cost for extra bandwidth for supplier.

It is indeed 2018, but this is still in its infancy (and also illegal), and they have barely(If at all) mastered HD.

I don't know if you can force it into Dolby.

Missing picture or sound on certain channels only would suggest a problem at the server end to me.