1. Y

    Talktalk giving free bb for 6 months benefit claimants

    Talktalk are giving away free broadband for 6 months to jobseekers 😂 TalkTalk and UK Gov Offer 6 Months Free Broadband to Job Seekers
  2. celldweller

    Nord VPN compatible router

    Hi all I am looking for a router that will allow me to use my Nord VPN account. Going by the NORD VPN website it advises me to use an ASUS router for a simple setup. However, what is a simple setup compared to what would be the best setup? At the moment I am using a TalkTalk standard router...
  3. grog68

    Lack of internet speed on box

    A friend of mine mentioned when he uses IPTV (various sources) on his zgemma h2s it keeps freezing etc. I suggested he ran a speed test which he did on his computer and got 38mbits download. After rebooting box, router and whatever else I could think of I suggested he install the E2speedtest...