1. K

    TV Screen Technology

    Hi, Does anyone know if low budget tv (TCL or Hisense) with screen technology qled or mini-led is better is terms of clarity instead of premium brand (Sony or LG) but LED technology. OLED TV's are too expensive so I don't consider getting one. The TV will be mainly used to watch football and...
  2. T

    Nvidia shield

    Could anyone help me to get full access to the Google store on nvidia shield please
  3. F

    Jezero Crater: will be the ladning location for NaSa's Mars 2020 Rover

    Breaking News: NASA has introduced the Landing location of its upcoming Mars 2020 rover: Jezero Crater. Mars 2020 is ready to go to the Red Planet to take scientific knowledge and hunt for previous indicators of life. See Pictures and Read More:
  4. celldweller

    Gadget recommendations

    I have recently purchased a projector from Amazon (link: and have only tried it on the ceiling as I haven't had time to truly test it, but it has a fantastic picture from what I have seen so far. The projector only costs £49.99 and will worth it. Any other cheap...
  5. Y

    graphics cards

    hi all hoping for some help. was on my PC on Friday and it went to black screen , so from looking around from what i gather my HDMI cable was not connected to my TV and that was the cause , so need help i have done and tried all of this stuff reboot kill power deleted drivers deleted graphics...
  6. gigsta


    Hi all looking for a reasonable priced (£100) 4 channel dvr recorder only,analog and hd with 1tb hardrive for my 2 cameras need motion detection phone viewing also.Could somebody please point me in the right direction make model etc must be reliable thanks in advance for any info.
  7. F

    Remote code needed

    Hi. I have a techno mate nano SE m2 Plus and the remote is horrible. I've already had it replaced once but the OK button has stopped working on two remotes now. I have a universal remote so I need a code. Does anybody know what 4 digit number I need? Thanks
  8. E

    Iranian Hacking

    APT33: Researchers Expose Iranian Hacking Group Linked to Destructive Malware