1. stevesmiff

    Clock on front LCD not changing when in standby

    I have a H9 Twin running OpenATV 6.3 and latest Wooshbuild. There doesn't appear to be a clock option for the front LCD panel so I installed the plugin extension 'permanentvfdclock'. This has a clock that runs fine while the box is on but as soon as I put the box in standby the clock freezes...
  2. M

    How to change time on h2s,one hour behind

    Hi all hope someone can help,i have wooshbuild 6 on an zgemma h2s and after the clocks have changed last night i am one hour behind on display and on epg,have tried a million different ways to fix it but cant seem to be able to,i have gone in time settings and it is set to UTC with no way of...
  3. M

    ET 8000 HD et8000, best image

    Im running latest vix, on et8000, but can't time shift. Can anyone offer an alternative. Ipab, and woosh don't seem to be available...??
  4. S

    Timer sanity

    anyway to override the timer sanity? Only lets 2 recordings be scheduled at once, but more are possible if the channels are on the same transponder. I can record 2 and watch a third, but can't set more than 2 to record. Any help, cheers Using h2s, wooshbuild 6
  5. Q

    Display Date/Time on Mutant HD51-4K front display

    currently the box displays which channel i'm viewing on its front panel display anyone know how to get it to display date/time instead of channel ? im running oppenvix latest image with Vix-Night-HD skin regards Qvic
  6. K

    Please help - Can't remove auto-timers (Slyk Skin)

    Hi All, I have the zgemma H2S with the Slyk skin. This mostly works fine but I have set up a couple of auto-timers that were intended to record a particular series. The problem is that the series has long since finished, but the receiver continues to record whatever is on at that time. I have...
  7. Naptime! - YouTube

    Naptime! - YouTube

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