1. dsayers2014

    Stop the time right

    Let's see who can do these. Stop the time correctly to get the objects in the lines.
  2. stevesmiff

    Clock on front LCD not changing when in standby

    I have a H9 Twin running OpenATV 6.3 and latest Wooshbuild. There doesn't appear to be a clock option for the front LCD panel so I installed the plugin extension 'permanentvfdclock'. This has a clock that runs fine while the box is on but as soon as I put the box in standby the clock freezes...
  3. M

    How to change time on h2s,one hour behind

    Hi all hope someone can help,i have wooshbuild 6 on an zgemma h2s and after the clocks have changed last night i am one hour behind on display and on epg,have tried a million different ways to fix it but cant seem to be able to,i have gone in time settings and it is set to UTC with no way of...
  4. M

    ET 8000 HD et8000, best image

    Im running latest vix, on et8000, but can't time shift. Can anyone offer an alternative. Ipab, and woosh don't seem to be available...??
  5. S

    Timer sanity

    anyway to override the timer sanity? Only lets 2 recordings be scheduled at once, but more are possible if the channels are on the same transponder. I can record 2 and watch a third, but can't set more than 2 to record. Any help, cheers Using h2s, wooshbuild 6
  6. Q

    Display Date/Time on Mutant HD51-4K front display

    currently the box displays which channel i'm viewing on its front panel display anyone know how to get it to display date/time instead of channel ? im running oppenvix latest image with Vix-Night-HD skin regards Qvic
  7. K

    Please help - Can't remove auto-timers (Slyk Skin)

    Hi All, I have the zgemma H2S with the Slyk skin. This mostly works fine but I have set up a couple of auto-timers that were intended to record a particular series. The problem is that the series has long since finished, but the receiver continues to record whatever is on at that time. I have...
  8. Naptime! - YouTube

    Naptime! - YouTube

    Many children were harmed in the making of this video.