1. B

    Cable How to permanently record timeshift upon switching over to a new channel

    I have a Zgemma configured with a HDD. Recording and Timeshift works fine. But when I switch to a new channel, how can I get it to record the whole timeshift programme permanently? If I press the Record button midway, it will only only permanently record the programme from the point I pressed...
  2. Syztemlord

    IPTV and VOD Timeshift

    Hey guys, I'm using the Xtream Editor plugin with IPTV set to DVB and I've managed to get timeshift working but only on live channels and I've had to use echannelizer to link the IPTV channels to a regular service channels. I was wondering as I've got hundreds of channels, is there an easier...
  3. D

    HD51 4K Atv 6.2 issues

    Put the latest openatv on my 4k but timeshift won't work at all.. Also the epg keeps jumping to channel 1 but it's set to standard. It gives a few different options to previous versions but none of them make any difference. Any ideas?
  4. M

    ET 8000 HD et8000, best image

    Im running latest vix, on et8000, but can't time shift. Can anyone offer an alternative. Ipab, and woosh don't seem to be available...??
  5. S

    VOD fast forward, pause, rewind

    Hi all, I have an issue with my box when trying to stream something from my suppliers VOD from my bouquets list (not like a live tv source but an actual video file) it won't let me pause, rewind or fast forward. Not sure if this is even possible? Is everyone in the same boat here? Thanks
  6. C

    Timeshift and Recordings

    I keep getting a message about timeshift when I've been watching a channel for a while. Something along the lines of the timeshift isn't big enough and needs to be restarted. I've set the timeshift to 4 hours and also turned off warning messages but they still keep appearing. How do I resolve...
  7. rapture_ni

    Timeshift iptv VOD

    I've had my iptv set up in bouquets for a while now and I'm well happy with the tv setup and the timeshift works fine with normal tv viewing Though I put on T2 and couldn't even go for a piss during it as the timeshift for some reason won't work with the VOD but will with the streamed...