1. J

    Wireless Adaptor Help

    Trying to set up a TP Link wireless adapter ( ) could anyone help by letting me know which drivers ect that need to be installed because at the minute i can't get it to show up
  2. bobsleigh

    Best router for low broadband speed

    Hi all some advise please! I live in a rural area and the max speed of broadband I receive is 2.5 meg...terrible right?! I have a wired connection set up for my xbox one and and my zgemma sat receiver, wired as in using tplink extenders in my electric sockets, but still at times suffer with...
  3. T

    one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.

    Hi, I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug. They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch...