one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.



I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug.

They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch with and there's no problem.

The one downstairs is working fine , it only scrambles every so often, the one upstairs works for around 20mins then Scrambled comes up , i then unplug the tp-link, ethernet cable etc and start again.... another 20mins viewing ( at the most) and the same problem happens.

Has anyone any ideas on how to sort the problem out ?

Thanks in advance.
Swap the box up stairs with the box down stairs to check it's not a fault on the box.

Then try a different test line in the box up stairs.

If the up stairs box keeps doing the same thing with a different line in then it's got to be down to your internet connection.

I wouldn't rule out your line at this stage though so do the checks first.
Hi it could be a problem with the line is it a C-line or a N-line i found the V8s have problem with N-line so try using it as C-line