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  1. basejumper

    Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.5 latest version 20/11/19 v1.5.5

    The description of Perfect Player Description Perfect Player iptv apk is a video player that will allow you to enjoy your movies, TV series and streams on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The application contains no channels: you must add your own playlists in the settings. Note: To enjoy the best...
  2. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER No LCD screen

    hi all Switched me box on today and not getting anything on the LCD screen box is working fine just nothing on the LCD. Any help appreciated fellas.
  3. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  4. ipab2


  5. ipab1


  6. H

    Going back to android from Libreelec

    I bought an m8 box last year which has libreelec on it. I'm wondering if theres any tutorials anywhere to wipe this and install android back on it. Thanks
  7. ellobee

    New FireTV Models to be Announced

    This looks interesting!
  8. N

    Smart tv

    i have one of these 'Smart TV's', I think it is either a Samsung or a Sony. Is there an app which can be downloaded for IPTV?
  9. ellobee

    VOD issue on Smart IPTV

    Hi, I use smart iptv on my samsung smart tv and I have an issue with vod no playing right, it keeps jumping forward all the time and is unwatchable, live tv is fine and plays very well, I have come acroos this issue on other forums but with no solution and was wondering if anyone on here might...
  10. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend et8500 tv show pluggin

    Hi is there any plugin addon etc for tv shows for this box like exodus so i can watch my fav tv shows?
  11. 8valia

    Box is showing all channels in 3d

    Hi, I must have pressed something by accident on the remote and now all channels are in 3D lol. Anyone know how to put it back to normal?
  12. J

    Vodafone tab speed 6

    I have a Vodafone tab speed 6 and was wondering if it can connect to a tv I have tried hdmi from tablet straight to tv without any luck is there anything else I need or is it compatible?
  13. A

    Amazon Echo with Broadlink RM Pro

    Amazon alexa controlling RF plugs and tv / zgemma box
  14. pieeater2015

    DVB-C Stb working with SH 3

    Could any members tell me what box they are using with the SH 3 and the Dvb-c tuner, What will not cause the hub to crash after 1 min,I bought a freesat v8 golden for my dad only because he has had the f3 for years, and the easy use for his age of 88,(trying to explain how to ftp config files...
  15. D

    Help with Channels IPTV on ZGEMMA Box

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a fix for this below; I have recently got a sub for IPTV from a provider, the IPTV bouquets are showing in the TV guide, so all good there. Since the install, when i press the numbers 101 on the remote control for say BBC 1, or 103 for ITV etc, it says UK SKY...
  16. the reaper

    How to load firmware

    Need help lol Can anyone give me the full installation guide for installing firmware on android box using usb key. Thanks. Reaper.
  17. ellobee

    Firestick remote and Kodi

    Does anyone know if the firestick remote is good enough to use on kodi or would you recommend a bluetooth keyboard and touch pad. I'm only going to use it for TV streaming from my zgemma to the firestick but I want an easy way to change channels, volume,pause &play etc.
  18. the reaper

    New box arriving shortly

    Latest Freesat box arriving shortly----- FREESAT GTT Android 6.0 TV BOX+DVB-T/T2/Cable Amlogic S905D 1GB RAM 8GB ROM built wifi KODI pre-installed youtube Very cool gadget----cable on a kodi box---what more could you ask for [don't answer that lol] I have tested and it works well with VM. Reaper.