Help with Channels IPTV on ZGEMMA Box



Does anyone know if there is a fix for this below;

I have recently got a sub for IPTV from a provider, the IPTV bouquets are showing in the TV guide, so all good there.

Since the install, when i press the numbers 101 on the remote control for say BBC 1, or 103 for ITV etc, it says UK SKY and takes me to an IPTV channel bouquet.

Is there anyway to fix this issue, so when I press 101 on the remote it takes me to BBC 1 or if pressing 103 it takes me to ITV.



I don't see a picture but I'm going to assume you have to IPTV at the top of the screen which is actually position 1 in your bouquets move it up so that's it's not next to all channels

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