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  1. dt99

    Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box?

    Due to the potential issues with sly, I am considering getting a cable box, as I can get a virmin connection where I live. Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box, all I can seem to find is a 1 sat/1 cable box, but I want the ability to watch 1 cable channel and record another.
  2. geoffsnook

    Cable tunner

    Hi does any one know where i would get a second cable tuner from for my venton unibox eco Thanks
  3. geoffsnook

    Tuner set up

    Hi could some one let me know what the correct setup for twin tuners i assume its simple tuner for both and what they should be for preferred tuners its an enigma2 venton unibox thanks
  4. S

    Zgemma star 2s vs zgemma star h2s?

    Thinking about upgrading my star 2s as my son now wants one of these boxes. If I upgrade he can have my star 2s so I just want to know, is the h2s much of an upgrade or should I look at different boxes? I've been happy with the 2s and don't need more features or bells & whistles so the only...
  5. geoffsnook

    Sat Signal

    Hi i run my unibox hd box with the 2 sat cables coming in from lnb and looping out to my sky+ box as long as the unibox is off the sky satellite signal is good on sky but i only seem to get a good signal on tuner b on the unibox (sky box off)and either nothing on tuner a (but it tells me the...