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Zgemma star 2s vs zgemma star h2s?


Thinking about upgrading my star 2s as my son now wants one of these boxes.

If I upgrade he can have my star 2s so I just want to know, is the h2s much of an upgrade or should I look at different boxes?

I've been happy with the 2s and don't need more features or bells & whistles so the only thing I would be interested in is the speed of the box and I believe the h2s is faster.

Any thoughts?


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Hi h2s is faster over all better box I would flash with the wooshbuild image simple step by step guide to follow Look in the wooshbuild v5 thread plenty of helpful information

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Thanks for the quick response, I already use wooshbuild on my 2s and overall I am perfectly happy with it.

The only reason I'm considering an upgrade is because my son saw the content he can access through iptv player and decided he wanted a box. He's currently just using a freesat box!

Well if I'm going to buy a new box, might as well be for me and there doesn't seem to be a vast price difference between the h2s and the 2s anyway.


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I'd hold off on buying a satellite box for at least a few weeks after recent events.


OK, I do know about that but it doesn't mean anything. Things like this have happened before and everyone seems to start shouting the usual "CARDSHARING IS OVER" but it still doesn't end.

There will be workarounds for some time yet.