1. R

    Openbox V8S Subtitle size or font

    Hi Newbie here. Minimal Openbox user but . . . . Playing movies with subtitles works fine but the subtitles are far too large. How to I change the font size of subtitles TFAI
  2. L

    V8s WebTv show 0Kbs connection

    I have trawled the forums and can not find a fix for this. Network connected but shows 0Kbs on WebTv? anyone know how to fix this please?
  3. P

    open box v8s itv no name issues

    hi all I've managed to put the .m3u file on box and channels work but the listing shows as no name I've updated the firmware via the box with ethernet plugged in but problem still appears also tired editing the .m3u in notepad so it has no gabs but that didn't work either I've been trying to...
  4. Y

    Openbox V8S -freeze problem

    hi, recently I purchased Original Openbox V8S ,And I am dealing with the freeze problem on menu From time to time. Does anyone have a solution?
  5. R

    Loading IPTV (tsmedia) onto Openbox V8s

    Good day all, I have an Openbox v8s and I'm trying to load an IPTV service, that works brilliantly on other devices, ideally want to put it on my Openbox V8S. I have follow the instructions here but it still says 'Failed to load m3u' yes it is called WebTV.m3u I have tried several formats of...
  6. S

    is iptv on openbox v8s possible

    hi, is it possible to get an iptv m3u line working on an openbox v8s, if so how do you do it if I got an m3u line off an iptv server what are the steps on putting it on an openbox v8s if its possible
  7. C

    IPTV on openbox v8s???

    Hi just wondering if you can get IPTV on openbox v8s? If so is the openbox v8s good for IPTV or is it worth me investing in a new box? Thanks
  8. minnowman

    Brand New Openbox/Skybox Picons (Channel Logos)

    9th April 2017 Openbox/Skybox Picons Brand New Picons (Channel Logo's) *Updated Picons 09.04.17* Link is below YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP JUST CLICK ON DOWNLOAD See Tv Picon added New Vision Tv Picon added Bon Picon added dbn updated Picon added Front Runner updated Picon added Quest Red...
  9. D

    2 x v8s

    hi, Got 2x v8s with 4 line multi subscription. 1 clears just fine and server say online. Other now says off line and won't clear.. Internet etc just fine. Had problem on and off for couple of days!
  10. D

    Upgrade By Network Channel List Update V8s

    Hi All, I've just gone to upgrade the channel list via upgrade by network on my v8s to solve the current missing channel issue and lost all channels after update! I know line is ok as have same one upstairs working fine. Any ideas?
  11. L

    Openbox V8s scrambled

    Ive had my openbox V8s for nearly twelve months with hardly any issues but today all channels except freeview channels have scrambled. When i brought it it was said to have 24months subscription. I was wondering if any ideas? or will I have to purchase a new box?
  12. E

    Iine for V8s

    HI guys, knew to the open box scene, I've had my box now about two months, but the last couple of days a lot of my channels are scrambled and the image freezes now?! Does this mean it's best for me to get a new line?! Or does it have bad days etc?!