Got 2x v8s with 4 line multi subscription.

1 clears just fine and server say online. Other now says off line and won't clear..

Internet etc just fine. Had problem on and off for couple of days!


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Check with your line provider that it is diffentily multiroom offline indicates line problem if you have checked your internet settings

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It is a multi line and eventually clears after a few minutes when box rebooted. 5-10 mins maybe! Actually worked out this happens on both boxes when rebooted. Why would channels take so long to clear initially but work fine once cleared until boxes switched off then back to the wait? Firmware etc all up to date....


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Quad lnb (old sky multi room in 2 rooms) obviously only using 1 feed in each room for each v8s. Nothing out the ordinary. I thought it maybe a box issue at 1st but both boxes seem to be affected. Only just started as well since the "other" issue arose but guessing this is coincidental...

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Disconnect one box completely and do a full fault test----cables, connection, latest firmware plus obtain a test line from forum--[remove your own line first]
This should enable you to spot any problems--if working ok then do the same with box two.
I have a suspicion that your line may be at fault but do the testing first.