vix image

  1. Riley24

    HD51 4K Mutant Flash issues

    Hi peeps My box decided to crash this morning and wouldn’t reboot So I tried flashing new image with open atv & vix, but just says no partition The only image I can flash is openpli which I don’t like lol Does anyone know how I can flash atv or vix over openpli Thanks in advance
  2. StevoAmigo1

    Not all epg coming through for iptv with crossepg

    hi guys just after some help, i have a iptv m3u line which I’ve used in echannelizer, and i assigned all the epg data references to every channel via the astra 28.2 option, however not all the epg data is coming through for every channel afterwards once i use the crossepg plugin to download epg...
  3. N

    Maximise Linux Receiver - Newbie

    Current setup: OS Mega with vix. Picons & some skins installed. IPTV installed. 500 gb hdd Issue with boutiques randomly moving around - thinks its because of the ITPV - no idea how to check thou. Is there anything else i can do to maximize this box? I'm delighted with it in fairness, just...
  4. S

    Help needed to update Vix image on Evo Enfinity T2/Cable box

    Hi all, I have been searching this & various other forums, but am unable to find instructions on how to update the VIX4E2PROJECT image on my Evo Enfinity T2/CABLE box. Currently I have the following: Version: 2.2 Build: 001-blue+ ...I have issues with no sound on newer Sky Channels (e.g. Sky...