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vm bb

  1. W

    Hdu and splitters

    hi all, Looking for a bit of info have my vigin feed split 3 ways . Router and 2 zgemma boxes. Getting a bit of jumping and glitching and have tried a few providers even the 80 quid a year ones and it still done it also broadband drop outs. Doesnt happen when i take out splitter. Have used...
  2. rapture_ni

    Vm 200mb/s problems

    A friend and myself use subs from the same provider i currently use tlk tk and comes in around 36mb/s.. my friend was using slybb that came in at around 60+mb/s download had slyshield off etc.. both use zgemma h2s set up the same way using same os and build. he had nothing but issues with his...