Hdu and splitters


hi all,

Looking for a bit of info have my vigin feed split 3 ways . Router and 2 zgemma boxes. Getting a bit of jumping and glitching and have tried a few providers even the 80 quid a year ones and it still done it also broadband drop outs. Doesnt happen when i take out splitter. Have used webro cable. Was wondering if a hdu 400 instead of my splitter would improve things? As some of my levels are slighly out of the ideal range? Also if you think the hdu will work does that replace the spliter or what? Thanks


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I have virmin with a spliter in the brown box at the front of the house(fitted by virmin) One going to the front room connected to modem and TV feed and the other going upstairs to TV. What are you using to connect your boxes to modem. Ethernet or or wifi?


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The Technetix HDU-FDU-51 is not powered by mains power and is not as good in my opinion