vm cable virgin

  1. G

    All VM channels black, EPG is populated

    Hi All, I'm really struggling. I came back from holiday to find all my channels were blank?? I'm running a Zgemma H5.2TC, I contacted my provider who assured me everything is running correctly at his end. I've flashed with open ATV 6.2 and then Wooshbuild infinity and re-added my line but still...
  2. D

    Vm channels missing

    Hi all I know the hd sports channels from sly have gone but should I be able to find sly sport premier league or Disney channel I seem to have quite a few channels missing I just wanted to know if they was on the same TP and if so what TP so I can try a Manuel search
  3. thebulls

    5 Sp*ke trouble

    Hi all is anyone having problems with 5 sp*ke mines is constantly crashing even after i reset the cam running open vix on a miracle twin plus box on VM
  4. A

    ABM bouquet names

    Hi, Can anyone please advise on how to remove "the Virgin (UK) - " before each bouquet name? I would like the bouquet names to be simply (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, etc...) not (Virgin (UK) - Entertainment) ... Hope my question is clear. Thanks
  5. W

    Buzzing/Humming Sound VM

    Hi guys, just setup the Formuler F1 box last night and very pleased with it all after some recommendations on here, however I have noticed there is a humming/buzzing sound coming through the audio when the VM cable is connected which is odd as I have never had this issue with any other box...
  6. C

    Zgemma setup help

    Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my box. After having the audio desription issue and reading online the only cure seemed to be flashing a new image to the box. Ive just finished flashing my zgemma h.2h with the latest openvix image and had to set the box up again which I think I've...
  7. Allview

    VM coming to an end

    Right guys I’ve just seen a post on vm website stating that they’re getting their customers to switch to cardless TiVo or V6 boxes to be able to watch sky sports in HD, if they make it compulsory for all their customers to upgrade to cardless boxes that means the end of VM for us. What are your...