vu+ 4k

  1. C

    Which VU+ 4K Satellite Box ? Need advice please.

    Currently have a zGemma H2s box but wish to upgrade to one of the VU+ 4k boxes however am a little confused which is the one I should go fo? So firstly I know the Ultimo is the best but it's pretty expensive so I have been looking at the Uno4KSE and Solo 4K. My requirements are pretty straight...
  2. chedda87

    For sale Vu uno 4k dvb-c

    SOLD For sale is my vu uno 4k cable box, with only one cable input your able to record upto 8 channels.. Less than 12 months old, selling due to want to move to iptv.. Also can't get my head around the oscam side of these 4k boxes... Don't have original box but will package well. Looking for...
  3. 8valia

    VU+ UNO 4K Setup

    Hi, I have bought a VU+ Uni 4K setup. I want to use the IPAB image. I have added the image to the USB but when I plug the USB into the box, it won't flash. Any ideas how to flash the box or alternative images ?
  4. R

    New Vu+ Uno 4k user, please help!

    Hi, Ive just set up my new Uno 4k box, however its a cable tuner and ive had Sat tuners for years. After struggling with getting my head round Oscam, ive got one more issue with not getting all the channels scanned (mainly Sd, some Hd) saying tune failed. Could anyone suggest what i could of...
  5. Haroon Mustafa

    Player for Android or IOS?

    Hello, I was reading up about the new VU+ app which allows you to stream whatever's on you VU box to your phone from a remote location. Its a great feature and it allows you have 2 different channels on at once. It would be really handy for me. However, i have a ZGemma H.2s. Is there a...
  6. BeardedKing

    VM Cable Queries

    Hey All, I'm hoping to move from Sat to VM cable within the coming weeks however I have a few questions which I hope you lovely people can answer :) 1) I have a single line coming into the house which is currently running into my router. What splitter will I need to get? 2) I will be...
  7. Q

    new cable box upgrade

    hi guys, want to upgrade my current box ( Zgemma star H1 ) running openvix as this doesn't allow me to record & watch 2 seperate channels , i can only record the channel i'm watching , i am on VM Cable , i only have one feed no Sat in the house so i'm looking for advice on what to get , so...